All in today’s work.

April 7, 2006

I never used to use IM at work. I thought it would be way too distracting and that I'd never get anything done. Then I went to Aaron's presentation on IM reference and realized that a lot of librarians are on IM all day and they still manage to get a lot done. So I decided to give it a try. And the truth is, I probably get more done because I am not wasting time sending Tim stupid one-sentence e-mails like "what's for dinner" and "do you want to meet for lunch." I actually talk about work-related stuff too–I'm working on a tech-related project at work, and it's really simple for me to just IM Tim when I have a question than it is to e-mail and wait for a response. I can also IM people from the library system office when I have questions, which often leads to immediate answers. I am a very impatient person, so I like that. Yay for IM!

The following are excerpts from actual IM conversations I've had today while cataloging CDs. See, this is why working in a public library is awesome–you get to catalog stuff like R. Kelly's masterpiece 12 Play, featuring the seductively-titled "I Like the Crotch On You." And sometimes you have to, uh, listen to stuff to make sure the cataloging is correct. Or to amuse yourself during a long day of cataloging CDs. Or something like that.

nanetteamplified: i was just listening to "i like the crotch on you" by r. kelly
nanetteamplified: the refrain is:
nanetteamplified: "i like the crotch on you
nanetteamplified: i want the crotch on you
nanetteamplified: i need the crotch on you"
Jenny: please tell me it is to the melody of "you dropped the bomb on me"
Jenny: cuz that's totally how i envision it
nanetteamplified: no, it's to an early '90s new jack swing beat


I am committed to providing the best possible access to our library's materials, which is why I enhanced the 505 contents note for 12 Play. People need to find what they are looking for!
amplifiedtorock: you can now do a title search on "i like the crotch on you" and get results on our opac
Tim: haha!

Please note that this is one hundred percent true. You can try it yourself if you know where I work.


Another enhanced contents note, this time for Chamillionaire's Man on Fire, a far more subtle work than 12 Play:
amplifiedtorock: i am cataloging a rap cd and one of the tracks is called "undisputed king koopa"
amplifiedtorock: yeah, i'd feel really threated by that if my name was mario or luigi
Tim: haha
Tim: that's funny


I'd post this to the YALT Blog, but Tim said we have to keep that professional. Maybe he's hoping to get invited to join one of those fancy group tech weblogs or something. Anyhow, I doubt that he would consider any post containing the word "crotch" professional, so I'll put it here.


One Response to “All in today’s work.”

  1. Mary Carmen Says:

    I just can’t believe that you didn’t IM me (boo hoo). Actually, I am working nights and hating it, and would love the company and distraction.

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