I Love the 90s.

May 3, 2006

Today, on my way to and from work, I was listening to the best CD compilation ever. It's called Precious, and it's a benefit compilation of all kinds of early 1990s Britpop/alternative music, with only a clunker or two in the bunch. (Spaghetti Head, anyone? Remember them? I don't, and I'm a freakin' encyclopedia of early 1990s alternative music.) Look at that playlist! It's like a "Nanette's favorite songs of 1994" mix CD!

Listening to this comp brings me back to the days when Champaign was the place down I-72 where Robin and I would go to party on Friday nights–not the place where I live and work and have settled down with my loving husband.

This morning, I also saw a total shitcan of a Honda scooter in the library staff parking lot, which reminded me of the total shitcan/deathtrap of a Honda scooter that one of my boyfriends in college used to tool around on. Seriously, the thing was all wrecked-looking and beat-up, just like the ex's scooter. The only thing that was missing to complete the picture was a crappy gray milk crate duct-taped to the back of the thing. I rode that stupid scooter once and screamed the entire way down Springfield Avenue (or wherever we were going at the time). I think he (or his brother–they shared it during the summers) finally trashed that thing for good the summer after we broke up the first time. 


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