January 9, 2007

I have been obsessively listening to Boys and Girls in America by the Hold Steady. As in, the CD ends, and I press play again for the tenth time today. I have not been this obsessive about a CD since about a year ago, when My Morning Jacket’s Z didn’t leave the CD player for a month or two.


I have joined the local community concert band. I am last chair in the flute section. In case you were wondering, flute players are still the bitchiest people in the whole band, and trombone players are still weird. I sit right in front of the trombone section. I live in fear of valve oil and weirdness being applied to my person.


I am very irritated with my in-laws for sending out a holiday photo card featuring a “family” photo containing me, scowling. I did not want my picture taken. I REALLY did not want the picture that I did not want taken sent out far and wide. Holiday photo cards are great if you have kids and you want to distribute photos of your kids. I got several of those and they are hanging on my fridge. But who the shit wants to see pictures of adults? Nobody does, unless they are very attractive and naked, and this card (obviously, and quite thankfully) fit neither of these criteria. Not that I have seen it. My parents have seen it, though, since my in-laws were kind enough to send them a copy. It was postmarked December 26, which makes me question their reasons behind sending my parents a copy. Were they sincerely sending holiday greetings to my parents, or were they hoping that my mommy would scold me for sullying their precious family moment with my scowly-face? Well, she didn’t. She just laughed at me and called it “the dorkiest thing she’s seen in a long time.”

Rule #1 of holiday photo cards: Nobody wants to see a holiday picture of you with your ADULT CHILDREN who DO NOT EVEN LIVE AT HOME. Your opportunity for this kind of crap passed you by in, say, 1987.

I swear those people bring out the sullen teen in me. And I am NEVER posing for a “family photo” with them again.


I am likely the only person who is amused by my biennial posting schedule–right before ALA, twice a year. It’s not like I have nothing entertaining going on. I just forget about this thing.


4 Responses to “Obsessions.”

  1. jenny Says:

    1. B&G in America RULES. I like the slow songs the best. I wish it was more concept like the others, but still it’s great. I love citrus. the judas line is brilliant.

    2. My sister and I had this photo with adults argument. I think sending a photo, no matter who it is, is pompous and lame. This said, I much prefer photos of PEOPLE I know and like, IE adults rather than children or animals I do not like or know. Feeding/Picking up the shit of animals (human or non) is not a unique or interesting accomplishment.

    3. you should post more often!

    4. have fun at ala. i mourn for the free books I will not get.

  2. Amanda Says:

    WHen your blog popped up on my RSS reader it took me a second to figure out who the hell I was reading…

    You should post more! Stay-at-home-moms everywhere need shit to read. (And I would KILL to see a copy of the Donohue Family Christmas Card!)

  3. nanette Says:

    Tough titty. You are never seeing that card. I intend to sneak into every recipient’s home and DESTROY EVERY EXTANT COPY.

    Even my 81-year-old grandmother thinks they look like a bunch of dorks!

  4. […] I forgot to mention. February 5th, 2007 I finally saw the bad family Christmas card that my in-laws sent out. I wouldn’t say that I’m scowling, but I definitely look […]

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