Cute kid.

January 10, 2007

I am normally not the sort of person who is into kids. I do not generally think that kids are cute once they are older than, say, 18 months. As a matter of fact, kids tend to annoy me, and things that kid-lovers find cute, I find irritating. I do not coo and swoon every time a preschooler says something “clever.”

However, one of my co-workers has a 3-going-on-4 year old daughter who is really sharp, and she comes in every Wednesday for storytime. They always visit our department so she can see where Mommy works.

Today, we were talking about cats, and Rebecca was looking at the cat calendar that Tim made for me as a Christmas present. The calendar contains photos of our two cats* in various stages of mischief, repose, or cuteness. Cat people think it’s great and the most thoughtful gift ever; non-cat people vomit at the sight of it. She came across a particularly cute photo of our Lilycat, all wide eyes and blotchy calico fur, and she petted it and said “ooh, pretty!”

I thought that was the cutest thing. I guess I am getting soft in my old age.

*all taken by Tim, who has earned the title “noted Cat Photographer,” which I always pronounce in my Tyra-hosting-America’s-Next-Top-Model voice. We were talking about creating a mashup of the cats posing plus soundbites from ANTM, but we haven’t done that yet, so you can steal the idea if it amuses you as much as it amuses us.


One Response to “Cute kid.”

  1. Colin Says:

    I am really glad that we are the same race

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