I am petty.

September 13, 2007

As if you needed more proof. Well, here it is.

[12:38] me: here is what is annoying
[12:38] me: when you are reading a blog by someone anonymous
[12:38] me: and then you realize who it is
[12:38] me: and it is someone you do not like
[12:39] long-suffering husband: i see, wife
[12:39] me: and then you say to yourself: “ugh, i am reading a blog written by PERSON WHO I DO NOT LIKE and i can’t stand her”
[12:40] me: now it is like: do i unsubscribe? or do i keep reading?
[12:41] long-suffering husband: i don’t now…it matters whether you want to read what she has to say
[12:41] me: i was just kind of testing it out…it was a blog about local stuff, but i think it may be too kid-oriented
[12:41] me: (e.g., things to do with your brat)

Also, I have registered a domain name, and I will eventually move over there and perhaps update more often. I will tell you more about that later, once I actually have something there besides the placeholder page that my hosting company puts up.

Could someone please tell me why the only people I can find on the internet are people who I no longer care about? I’m talking people from high school who I Google when I am bored. I can always find people I do not give a shit about, but I can’t find the people I want to find.

Granted, I want to find most of these people so I can make fun of them, but still…

This came up in conversation with my mom, who still works in my hometown. She told me “so-and-so got married.” And I already knew that, because I had Googled him in a fit of sheer boredom one afternoon. He was this really geeky trombone player from the high school band, and now he is an actor. The girl he married looked trashy-pretty, a la Britney Spears. I did not really give a crap about this person, but I was bored, and I was thinking about band practice and he was someone whose name I thought up.

And I said to my mom, “now why is it that I can find him, but I cannot find Tom Kowalski or Ron Shepard online? They were both kind of geeky, and they damn well should have a presence on the internet. But when I look up Tom Kowalski, all I find is some football player for the Detroit Lions, and that is absolutely not the person I am looking for.”

My mom responds: “so-and-so who comes into the library is still friends with Tom’s stepsister and I will ask her about him.”

Forget the stupid internet–I will use the person-to-person grapevine.


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