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Will the person who…

December 12, 2010

…keeps trying to re-set the password on this blog cut it the eff out? It’s mine, not yours, and I intend to keep this space FOREVER!

(even though I am now located at Confessions of a Recovering English Major)


I am petty.

September 13, 2007

As if you needed more proof. Well, here it is.

[12:38] me: here is what is annoying
[12:38] me: when you are reading a blog by someone anonymous
[12:38] me: and then you realize who it is
[12:38] me: and it is someone you do not like
[12:39] long-suffering husband: i see, wife
[12:39] me: and then you say to yourself: “ugh, i am reading a blog written by PERSON WHO I DO NOT LIKE and i can’t stand her”
[12:40] me: now it is like: do i unsubscribe? or do i keep reading?
[12:41] long-suffering husband: i don’t now…it matters whether you want to read what she has to say
[12:41] me: i was just kind of testing it out…it was a blog about local stuff, but i think it may be too kid-oriented
[12:41] me: (e.g., things to do with your brat)

Also, I have registered a domain name, and I will eventually move over there and perhaps update more often. I will tell you more about that later, once I actually have something there besides the placeholder page that my hosting company puts up.

Could someone please tell me why the only people I can find on the internet are people who I no longer care about? I’m talking people from high school who I Google when I am bored. I can always find people I do not give a shit about, but I can’t find the people I want to find.

Granted, I want to find most of these people so I can make fun of them, but still…

This came up in conversation with my mom, who still works in my hometown. She told me “so-and-so got married.” And I already knew that, because I had Googled him in a fit of sheer boredom one afternoon. He was this really geeky trombone player from the high school band, and now he is an actor. The girl he married looked trashy-pretty, a la Britney Spears. I did not really give a crap about this person, but I was bored, and I was thinking about band practice and he was someone whose name I thought up.

And I said to my mom, “now why is it that I can find him, but I cannot find Tom Kowalski or Ron Shepard online? They were both kind of geeky, and they damn well should have a presence on the internet. But when I look up Tom Kowalski, all I find is some football player for the Detroit Lions, and that is absolutely not the person I am looking for.”

My mom responds: “so-and-so who comes into the library is still friends with Tom’s stepsister and I will ask her about him.”

Forget the stupid internet–I will use the person-to-person grapevine.

Fun with Wikipedia.

January 31, 2007

So I was screwing around on Wikipedia, and I somehow got the idea that I should look up my hometown. I guess I’ve got Sauk Village on the brain these days–my parents are moving out of my childhood home this week and I am both relieved that they are leaving and a little sad that my parents’ house is no longer “home.”

Anyhow, I come across this little gem on the Sauk Village Wikipedia page:

“Prominent native sons of Sauk Village include Francoix Gueffier, Jon Ciaponi and Kenny “The Stilp” Stilp.”

Three things:

1. These guys all graduated from high school in 1991 with me.

2. I don’t think any of them are doing anything interesting with their lives.

3. John Ciapponi’s name is spelled incorrectly.

Seriously. If you’re going to put a shoutout to your friends on Wikipedia, can’t you at least spell their names correctly?

I used to call Francoix “marshmallow head” because his head was square. His retort, “nullified Nanette,” was not only lame, but it also did not make sense. Francoix and I were both double-promoted in elementary school, thus ensuring that we had a built-in rivalry until high school, when both of us stopped giving a shit.

John Ciapponi was the most popular boy in junior high, and we all know what happens to people who peak in junior high: they spend the rest of their lives trying to relive the glory of being twelve years old. I think he played drums in the band or something. My overarching memory of him is that there was a boy in junior high who said that he wanted to have a sex-change operation so they could date. The boy who said this is now out and proud and apparently a very successful interior designer, which means that he has probably done more in the last five minutes of his life that Mr. Ciapponi has done since eighth grade.

The only thing I remember about Kenny Stilp is that he had a really big nose. Apparently, he also had the World’s Lamest Nickname. Recipe for instant lame nickname: take last name, add “The.” Colin, you’re “The Brady” now. Tim? “The Donohue.” I guess this makes me “The Donohue” as well, so please don’t call my house and ask for “The Donohue.” It will only confuse everyone.

Besides, everyone knows that I am Sauk Village’s most prominent native. And I am totally willing to throw down and defend that title. To the death!

My parents are moving to Dyer, Indiana, which also has a Wikipedia page. And an awful motto: “Striving higher in Dyer.” I do believe that’s the community motto equivalent of “The Stilp.”

It is one of the “100 Best Places to Live in the U.S.,” according to Money Magazine. I find it hard to believe that something situated next to Sauk Village could kick that much ass, but I guess I’ll find out when I visit their new house.

Cute kid.

January 10, 2007

I am normally not the sort of person who is into kids. I do not generally think that kids are cute once they are older than, say, 18 months. As a matter of fact, kids tend to annoy me, and things that kid-lovers find cute, I find irritating. I do not coo and swoon every time a preschooler says something “clever.”

However, one of my co-workers has a 3-going-on-4 year old daughter who is really sharp, and she comes in every Wednesday for storytime. They always visit our department so she can see where Mommy works.

Today, we were talking about cats, and Rebecca was looking at the cat calendar that Tim made for me as a Christmas present. The calendar contains photos of our two cats* in various stages of mischief, repose, or cuteness. Cat people think it’s great and the most thoughtful gift ever; non-cat people vomit at the sight of it. She came across a particularly cute photo of our Lilycat, all wide eyes and blotchy calico fur, and she petted it and said “ooh, pretty!”

I thought that was the cutest thing. I guess I am getting soft in my old age.

*all taken by Tim, who has earned the title “noted Cat Photographer,” which I always pronounce in my Tyra-hosting-America’s-Next-Top-Model voice. We were talking about creating a mashup of the cats posing plus soundbites from ANTM, but we haven’t done that yet, so you can steal the idea if it amuses you as much as it amuses us.

Off to ALA.

June 22, 2006

Tim and I leave tomorrow morning for New Orleans to attend ALA. I have my busiest schedule yet this year, due to my involvement with various committees and roundtables. I suspect it's only going to get busier and crazier over the next few years, as I've been elected Vice President-President Elect of NMRT. With that position comes a whole slew of new committments, including the mysterious Roundtable Coordinating Assembly. 

 Then, two days after we return from NOLA, we're closing on our brand new house. And then we're moving.

 Hectic? Definitely.

I Love the 90s.

May 3, 2006

Today, on my way to and from work, I was listening to the best CD compilation ever. It's called Precious, and it's a benefit compilation of all kinds of early 1990s Britpop/alternative music, with only a clunker or two in the bunch. (Spaghetti Head, anyone? Remember them? I don't, and I'm a freakin' encyclopedia of early 1990s alternative music.) Look at that playlist! It's like a "Nanette's favorite songs of 1994" mix CD!

Listening to this comp brings me back to the days when Champaign was the place down I-72 where Robin and I would go to party on Friday nights–not the place where I live and work and have settled down with my loving husband.

This morning, I also saw a total shitcan of a Honda scooter in the library staff parking lot, which reminded me of the total shitcan/deathtrap of a Honda scooter that one of my boyfriends in college used to tool around on. Seriously, the thing was all wrecked-looking and beat-up, just like the ex's scooter. The only thing that was missing to complete the picture was a crappy gray milk crate duct-taped to the back of the thing. I rode that stupid scooter once and screamed the entire way down Springfield Avenue (or wherever we were going at the time). I think he (or his brother–they shared it during the summers) finally trashed that thing for good the summer after we broke up the first time. 

Still unsure

February 22, 2006

I am still not set on the title of this weblog. I may change it.